Weekly Update (May 28, 2016)

  • Traverse Team

    Hi guys,

    This week we've been busy working on the system to trigger landing; This involves generating planet placement coordinates in the universe, handling synchronization, database, and spawning during game play. Depending on how you carve and colorize your planet, the system captures this data as 512x512 image, and during space travel, uses this image to construct planet and its colors from out of space.

    This, indeed, makes it possible to have carve big mountain ranges visible from outer space. We experimented with keeping the terrain altitude as well, but we get better overall visual experience if we keep terrain the same altitude. During space travel, no game play will depend on the appearance of nearby planets.

    One area that has been a bit tricky so far, is to get Unreal Engine client to establish connection to dedicated server that is handling planet-surface (different server for each planet) without reloading levels -- client streams all the relevant data in as we're landing. These mechanisms are still being worked out; but similar to the way we detach from the server on take-off, we'll get around this too.

    Extract from git commit history:

    Date: Sat May 28 23:25:37 2016 +1200

    • saving planets appearance from space
    • refactored REST structure
    • database universe handling

    Date: Fri May 27 20:30:57 2016 +1200

    • planet spawning and distribution in universe
    • landing onto planet - work in progress
    • REST response for 404's

    Date: Thu May 26 23:50:33 2016 +1200

    • planet positioning in universe
    • planet in space data handling
    • updated build process to remove all debug symbols

    Date: Wed May 25 22:52:46 2016 +1200

    • landing trigger changes
    • game build 0.5.47

    Date: Tue May 24 23:43:48 2016 +1200

    • fixed login screen keyboard focus
    • updated planet spawning process in-space
    • fixed loot not spawning on 1-hit kill

    Date: Mon May 23 19:22:19 2016 +1200

    • water simulation update
    • refactoring water simulation
    • updated terrain cache manager

    Date: Sun May 22 18:46:51 2016 +1200

    • cockpit HUD updates
    • TerrainController performance optimization update
    • planet landing trigger

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