Social Media in China [Mainland]

  • I recently moved to China (Mainland) and as many of you knows, China's Firewall blocks Facebook, Twitter and also Google, so those who live here cannot keep in touch of all news related to Traverse if that news are posted on that social networks.

    It will be great if you can send any kind of newsletter with all that stuff to our emails or maybe join Weibo wich is like Twitter but in China.

    Thanks for all.

  • Traverse Team

    Ohh let us know your impressions! Where in China do you live now?

    We haven't been busy on twitter and facebook lately, so there would have been no news to miss yet. Either way we'll keep the site and forum up to date.

    Would you be interested in running Traverse profile on weibo or other sites?



  • I live in Jishou [Hunan - Xiangxi] the most used social networks now are Weibo and WeChat, WeChat is something like Whatsapp or Telegram but with some social network extra functions, on the other hand, Weibo is formerly a social network quite close to Twitter. It will be great to have a Traverse Profile at Weibo so as me, all people living in Mainland China can get the latest news about Traverse.

    People of China are quite busy so most of them use the smartphone all the time, while on the street, underground, bus, taxi....

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