Weekly Update (Jul 2, 2016)

  • Traverse Team

    Hi guys,

    Another big week for us -- we are moving into testing and wrapping up planet landing. We also started working on adding new mobs to the game. Some of them will be rare, others common or uncommon, and may spawn on your planet.

    We are yet to iron out mechanic on how to allow players to manually trigger spawning of rare mobs. One idea that is currently one of our favorites is to have similar mobs randomly drop 'dna' or some sort of 'spawner', as loot, as you play on anyone's planet. Once you loot it, you can use it to place it somewhere on your planet. Some of the challenges that we need to balance is how to use this to increase fun aspect of the game, but prevent exploits. Should this item be single-use (e.g. single spawn on your planet), or limited-use (e.g. 5 spawns) or unlimited (but only one active at any given time, on any given planet)? Or should we have all of those, depending on rarity of the mob?

    Summary from git commit history;

    Date: Sat Jul 2 22:16:59 2016 +1200

    • tone down logging for initialterrain requests
    • implemented db upgrade on test server
    • tidy up REST handler structure
    • refactored planet deletion query and REST method

    Date: Fri Jul 1 12:03:37 2016 +0000

    • game build 0.5.58
    • planet size sync bugfix
    • fixed PlanetSize sync issues
    • added stone golem, evil eye, psycrites, bitterspur mobs
    • optimized terrain LOD rest calls

    Date: Thu Jun 30 18:48:29 2016 +1200

    • new voxelmap helper for ocean, water and terraform since we don't hold all voxels in-memory anymore
    • moved ryzix anim to its folder
    • added ocean removal drom db on planet delete/reset
    • ocean save to db, rest methods, handlers
    • added tree en and demonlord mob

    Date: Wed Jun 29 23:18:52 2016 +1200

    • ocean serialization
    • fixed play-in-editor
    • added landing coordinates to database, rest methods, and handlers
    • game build 0.5.57
    • recompiled editor binary
    • fixed planet LOD generation synch issues
    • fixed connecting info box sizing

    Date: Tue Jun 28 23:26:32 2016 +1200

    • regenerating missing LODs on initial connect
    • added statue
    • updated gitignore
    • removed redundant columns from schema;
    • debugging crash after multiple land/take-off/land repeats

    Date: Mon Jun 27 23:56:04 2016 +1200

    • first operational version of landing
    • tweaking planet re-enter and reconnection
    • attach to server on landing
    • added more mob icons
    • addeded new icons for all mobs
    • fixed handler for RequestLanding
    • landing HUD notification, and server activation on request
    • clear background jobs on take-off
    • cockpit planet information fetched from database
    • added another rocket for space travel
    • added new Planet attributes, updated rest methods and handling
    • refactored spacecraft movement

    Date: Sun Jun 26 23:19:51 2016 +1200

    • landing mechanism - work-in-progress
    • ACockpitCharacter::StartLanding() method, work-in-progress
    • added new rocket for space travel
    • updated planet lock and animation
    • added planet_visits and planet_ratings database tables
    • added 6 new foliage models and icons
    • updated planet data flow
    • updated planet locking mechanism
    • planet landing system - work in progress

  • Well done, amazing progress. regarding the DNA concept, I think its a great idea and in terms of playability you can vary it depending on the rarity of the mob. maybe have some sort of a Spawning machine that needs to be crafted that you can craft different whole DNA's from recipes for each monster or special trees or just any living organism you can add to your planet.

  • Great upgrade as always, mobs everywhere! (^_^) regarding spawner, my idea is after you get the DNA you set a zone in your planet and select which kind of mobs are spawned in that zone, limitting the number of mobs that are spawned in the zone to a maximum amount like 20, 30 .... per zone and the maximum different kind of mobs to 2 or 3 per zone.

  • Traverse Team

    Thanks guys!

    For a true rare spawn, I suppose, DNA could have one charge, so only it will spawn only once, and never again. Any other spawns would require new DNA.

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