Anethya Gates

  • Have you ever smelled the death? sure not, but I did, once, in the middle of the Death Swamp there is a gate, the Anethya Gates that connect our world to the spectral world, never opened execpt once, long time ago while Aseth was sleeping we thought we could have some peaceful years, but we completely forgot that Aseth wasn´t the only who fears to. A darkness grew in the swap, as it grews people died so we went to explore the swap and we found the Anethya Gates, opened, lot of spectres were crossing and killing anyone in its way, so we didn´t have any choice but to cross the gate and stop them in their own world.

    We weren´t trained for that, and what we found at the other side is better not to mention it unless you want to turn yourself into insanity, but among millions of spectres and many other unlikely creatures we found the end of everything, we found The Death, so as fast as we could we killed as much creatures as we could and stole the Anethya Ether that controls the gate, we went back home, closed the gate and buried the Anethya Ether so anyone can open that damn gate again, now it´s your turn to check that the Anethya Ether still buried go to the Eastland Fortress and be sure it keeps away of everyone.

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