Weekly Update (Jul 9, 2016)

  • Traverse Team

    Another busy week for us --

    Moved to handling the ocean system that now can't handle very large planets -- we were not quite happy with performance we had, both in FPS and time it takes to generate the surface. Like we posted few months back, ocean actually follows coastline, and doesn't simply clip through terrain.

    In Traverse, you can have dry caves under ocean floor. Voxelizing and creating polygon for Ocean would simply run out of memory on large planets, where only a segment in viewport is actually required. Currently we're developing fast algorithm to dynamically create those triangles that are needed for rendering.

    At the same time, we are continuing to add new mobs and making steps towards NPC/mob placement system. Most of the asset commits are relatively sparse in comparison to code change commits, to avoid unnecessary bloating of repository. (eg this week, we haven't committed mobs that have been added to the game, because we're still tweaking appearance and behavior).

    Summary from git commit history:

    Date: Sat Jul 9 22:11:45 2016 +1200

    • Removed Ocean's 'FarTile' handling
    • ocean surface generation - work in progress
    • bled ocean screen slightly off the screen to prevent edge showing
    • Removed WorldPositionOffset from ocean shader, temporarily

    Date: Fri Jul 8 20:38:27 2016 +1200

    • increased ocean view range to 10km
    • added mobs and admin hud buttons
    • updated terrain LOD index lookup
    • updated terrain update handling

    Date: Thu Jul 7 23:00:29 2016 +1200

    • optimized terrain and water handling in database
    • recompiled editor binary
    • dynamic ocean surface creation - work in progress
    • disable ocean surface creation on dedicated server

    Date: Wed Jul 6 23:24:06 2016 +1200

    • moved ocean tick group to TG_LastDemotable to ensure camera coordinates have been updated before oceans tick
    • ocean mesh frustum calc
    • ocean surface frustum edge cases

    Date: Tue Jul 5 21:27:15 2016 +1200

    • oceanmesh frustum calculation
    • updated voxelmap handling in REST adapter
    • voxelmap table, rest and handlers

    Date: Mon Jul 4 19:32:16 2016 +1200

    • fixed terrain and water tile key bug
    • reduced terrain and water tile coord key size

    Date: Sun Jul 3 23:56:50 2016 +1200

    • fixed sql-injection security vulnerability
    • fixed VoxelWorker load balancing
    • switched mysql storage engine to MyISAM for query performance
    • optimized initialterrain queries

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