Weekly Update (Jul 23, 2016)

  • Traverse Team

    Hi guys,

    Another busy week for us -- adding more mobs to the game, and working on the ocean mesh edging.

    With the ocean mesh edging, we had to ditch the initial algorithm because it was way too in-optimal; now working on another solution.

    Adding mobs goes well -- we will have quite a collection as we begin our next milestone to put together 'Mob Placement System'.

    Summary from git commit history:

    Date: Sat Jul 23 23:08:11 2016 +1200

    • ocean edging rework
    • Traverse build 0.5.61
    • ocean edging

    Date: Fri Jul 22 22:25:12 2016 +1200

    • removed ocean edging implementation, starting over
    • ocean mesh performance optimization

    Date: Thu Jul 21 23:40:30 2016 +1200

    • refactored ocean triangle visibility test
    • website tweaks
    • ocean data chunking - work in progress

    Date: Wed Jul 20 21:23:38 2016 +1200

    • ocean performance optimization
    • removed redundant vars from TraverseNpcCharacter_BP
    • optimized ocean mesh generation speedup 8x

    Date: Tue Jul 19 17:33:57 2016 +1200

    • game buld 0.5.59
    • recompiled editor binary
    • fixed offline play
    • completed ocean edging -- although it may need further tweaks

    Date: Mon Jul 18 21:32:24 2016 +1200

    • debugging edge meshing
    • debugging incorrect edge detection

    Date: Sun Jul 17 23:20:11 2016 +1200

    • removed ocean debugging code, moving onto connecting edge
    • implemented ocean edge segment generation
    • implemented shore segment generation

  • Nice to see a game development goes so well and so fast, all videos shared are just amazing!

  • Good day, I'm new to this forum and just found this game, but so far everything I've seen excites me. I'm looking forward to watching this game develop, and best of luck!

  • Traverse Team

    Welcome Checker! Thanks for taking the time to introduce yourself and your positive feedback. We are close to finishing a big milestone, so keep checking in for updates.

  • @Aztar thank you, and good luck with that!

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