Compilation of new mobs recently added..

  • Traverse Team

    Here is a compilation of some of the new mobs we have added recently:

  • countless! such amazing mobs, well designed, smooth animated, it gives you so much ideas for planet creation, any kind of planet is possible with those mobs, horror, fantasy, sci-fi ... Greatness is not quantity but quality although in this case are both.

  • Traverse Team

    @Draëcal Thanks! We still have a lot more to come, hope to have a huge variation on release.

  • @Aztar these are all amazing looking! Will you be able to place these in your worlds as part of player made areas?

  • Traverse Team

    @checkers Thanks checkers! - Yes once you have 'DNA' for a mob you will be able to place them on your Planet. You will have the option of placing between 1-20 anywhere you choose or have them evenly scattered throughout your Planet. Certain rare mobs with rare loot, however, will only be able to spawn one at a time and will have some cool down!

    All mobs will be evenly spaced apart from each other to avoid player exploits ;-)

  • @Aztar sounds great! On an entirely different subject, I've been wondering how you were intending to implement ingame chat. Is there going to be text chat, or voice chat, or maybe none at all?

  • @checkers Voice chat could be great but consume too much resources so it could be better in later releases, to start it´s fine to have a text chat (^_^)

  • Traverse Team

    @checkers @Draëcal We'll certainly have text chat -- with few 'channels' (guild, planet, vicinity, private tells) We'll tweak channels as we go into alpha depending on what you guys need.

    I'd be cool to also have voice chat, but at the moment we won't look into it. Small voice channels are not too bad on bandwidth (eg person-to-person) especially since this can go directly between callers. Many-to-many (eg group or guild or vicinity) requires centralized approach, so each player needs only one channel (to the server), but that will require specialized voice servers on our side.

    Mixing and downsampling many incoming voice channels, individually for each player in the voice channel, to send back to everyone else in the channel does require CPU and bandwidth.. Mix has to be different for each player because you don't want to echo back to him the same content he just sent to server, his content is only mixed to content sent to everyone else.

    Our hosting model is under pressure because of our 'no subscription' model, so anything that may need significant cpu time and bandwidth, on permanent basis, would need some sort of ongoing funding.

  • Sounds good. The game I'm playing now uses just text chat and it works fine.

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