• Hello, I hope you guys don't mind but I created a thread on the ONRPG forums for Traverse to try and get some more people hyped like me.

    Would you mind me reaching out to MMORPG.com to see if you can get some publicity there too?

  • Traverse Team

    Hi GendR,

    Thanks so much for posting on ONRPG!

    There is only two of us currently working on the game and we don't have much time time to promote the game. So please feel free to post anywhere you want it certainly would help.

    If anyone has any technical questions you can always direct them to our forums.

    Cheers, Aztar

  • Wow. You guys are doing awesome. I'm trying to learn game design myself right now :)

    I posted on MMORPG.com as well. So far people have content type questions, I try to answer based off what I've read/seen.

    I'll keep posting it on MMO/Sandbox forums I'm active on. I cannot wait for it to be playable.

  • Traverse Team

    Thanks GendR and welcome to our forums!!

    There is so much more to Traverse than we have published so far; feel free to ask anything about the game, and we'll try our best to answer.


  • No problem guys, really excited to see where this goes. I posted a few other places and contacted a few websites.

    I do Internet Marketing for a living so hopefully I can help :P

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