Weekly Update (Oct 08, 2016)

  • Traverse Team

    Hi guys,

    We have another very busy week behind us, finishing up with full array of abilities for recently added mobs, adding more items, making plans for the house building tool.

    We've been making few internal experiments with different approaches to combat system - stay tuned for more info when available.

    Date: Sat Oct 8 22:34:23 2016 +1300

    • recompiled editor binary
    • fixed broken shader comiplation
    • updated instanced mesh collision handling

    Date: Fri Oct 7 22:44:49 2016 +1300

    • updated splitscreen handling
    • adjust mob spawner visual cue
    • spawner hud
    • new design of the spawner hud

    Date: Thu Oct 6 19:28:29 2016 +1300

    • testing various algoruthms of planet positioning in space
    • adjusted space travel sounds volume
    • planet generation update -- increase planet spawn time

    Date: Wed Oct 5 23:04:21 2016 +1300

    • landing effects update
    • added several space travel sounds
    • Adjusted Murkwings special daamage

    Date: Tue Oct 4 21:48:28 2016 +1300

    • character equipment hud work
    • experimenting with background cropping (new in UE4.13)
    • added several new interior props

    Date: Mon Oct 3 19:22:17 2016 +1300

    • Added Murkwings special attacks
    • animation update for Rotsmirk
    • added Rotsmirk idle and combat sounds

    Date: Sun Oct 2 18:41:02 2016 +1300

    • volume balancing for combat sounds
    • Added several mob sounds: Rat, Psycrites, Murkwings

  • It has been a long time since the last time I posted, sorry for that but moving to another country is a quite stressful process ^_^ so, as I see the game has made a big improvement, so glad to read that. Nice job, as always.

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