Where are you? What are you up to?

  • Dear community,

    I was doing some 'Low Poly' MMORPG research and I stood upon this, high potential, game! I have not seen any updates nor communication since 2016.

    Can you guys give me some insight into the game? Progression? Updates? Development?

    Really looking forward to seeing some actual gameplay!

    Kind Regards,
    An interrested/dedicated MMORPG'er.

    ~ Kutweer

  • @Kutweer sadly they have vanished. Not a single word. All social media dead as well. I hope something terrible didn't happen to them. It'd be nice if they acknowledged anything. It did have some great potential. /sigh

  • What a beautiful game and project. It's shocking that they just disappeared like this!

    I'm experienced with online research, so I started making contact with people who might know what happened to them. Their public info is published here (from their public business):

    A true mystery. Hopefully someone can clarify what happened. If something did happen to them, we might hope to make public their work on this game, so others can continue it in their honor and admiration.

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