In game currency "cash coins"

  • I was going through the trading post page and read about the 'cash coins'. If I'm reading it correctly, it would be possible to make money through the game by selling items for cash coins, instead of game coins.

    Is one of the goals of the game to give players the opportunity to run a small in game operation that would allow profit?
    Or is this just a side-feature for convenience/fun?

    (sorry for asking so many questions, if you don't have an answer yet, I'll be patient)

  • Traverse Team

    Yepp that's exactly our plan and intention.

    While we're trying to always be as simple as possible, I think few systems in Traverse will become a little more complex.

    We want 'crating' to step beyond the boundaries of usual "gather, mix, click 'create'" system.

    For houses we'll have house design tool, where you can put walls, windows, floors, ceilings, roofs, stairs, etc wherever you want, choose colors and material types. This design will become a 'blueprint' and that in itself is an item you can trade. When placing a house on the planet, players will need to gather raw materials, and mix it with this blueprint.

    So, theoretically, you could make money by creating cool looking buildings - if you choose to sell your blueprints or 'ready mixed' houses on the trading post.

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