Water simulation video.

  • Traverse Team

    We made a quick video of some water simulation, digging and underwater effects.


  • Seen that on Twitter, look amazing. Love the esthetic of the game and hope to see more videos soon.

    You are doing great guys.

  • Traverse Team

    Thanks for signing up Draëcal! We are currently working on Train System. It will enable players to have their own train sets on their planet. This will be one of the methods of transport. :train:

  • Traverse Team

    @Draëcal said:

    Seen that on Twitter, look amazing. Love the esthetic of the game and hope to see more videos soon.

    Thanks Draecal! We'll try to make as many videos as we can shortly. What sort of mechanic would you like to see?

  • @xulture specially interested in how far can you go, playing with DNA and World environments.

  • Great video. I can already see making underwater locations :smile:

    @Draëcal said:

    @xulture specially interested in how far can you go, playing with DNA and World environments.

    +1, also about buildings and how advanced "towns" we will be able to create.
    Oh and will we have some sort of mechanisms(wires, levers) to play with ?

  • Traverse Team

    This is roughly how DNA for characters will work:

    You can enter slightly different version of character creation, where you define minimum and maximum for each of the sliders, and select a range of colors allowed. Then, you can name this as a race, and the game will generate long string that will store all parameters. You can copy and paste this string with friends, or if you're a guild leader you can assign it to your guild. Guild leaders can make this race recommended or mandatory for the members. Everyone will have in-game ability to change their appearance after character creation.

    So it should be quite easy to have your own race, and/or generally popular races that can be shared as those strings with any medium (chats, emails, whatever)

    World environment is simpler to explain but with much more flexibility. On your own planet, you can alter terrain landscape whichever way you want; you can carve tunnels, create hanging islands, connect them with bridges, plant trees, place rocks, dig holes and fill them with water (that video shows really small hole, you can make large lakes if you like).

    You can create roads and railroads; trains will start spawning on railroads, and wherever you place markers for train stops, the train will stop there -- this will be a fast way to navigate through the planet, so you can organize your towns and connect them.

    As for mechanisms, we'll have switches in few versions that activate whatever they're connected to (not physically -- you just assign target for the switch) We'll have lifts, gravity fields (negative or positive) - switchable or permanent, grappling hooks, jet packs. On your planet you can choose what is the maximum slope player can climb, and whether there is fall damage applied or not.

    There is no limit how large and complex a city can be, and we're making sure that all building constructions have interiors. House creation tool will only have ability to have houses with interiors. It'll be your choice to populate the city how you see fit.

    We're open to all suggestions, and we'll just go ahead and implement everything that is simple enough. Complex or difficult items, we'll just have to work out importance vs difficulty and then decide do we do it before or after release. :-)

  • o.O so much detail...
    Question about the guilds, will the guild leader have the option to make the guild private (invite only) or public?
    And about the trains, is it going to be 'fast travel' where you just go to a station and teleport to another, or is each train going to have a sort of 'schedule'?

    (can't wait for the alpha!!)

  • Traverse Team

    Guilds -- yep it's guild leaders choice whether to allow people joining without invite. By default it will be invite only.

    Trains will actually travel between stations. Players that are exploring your planet can't fly around, but you can setup your train track in a way to give them a quick overview of what your planet has.

    Teleport, as a different method of travel, will be for players to navigate back to previously visited teleportation 'nodes'.

  • Traverse Team

    Trains will be quite a bit faster than sprint speed. This should encourage players to travel by train. You can then use the the train stations for your focal points. Start placing quests, towns or PVP areas, markets etc.

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