• Question: How are you planing to make mmo aspect to work? Do you plan to make 1 mega-server or a system where each planet is small server and connect them.

  • Traverse Team

    Many small servers; that way we don't have any limits. Master server is responsible for spawning servers as required. This way we don't need to have some massive server at the beginning, as we start growing, and we'll never really hit a hard limit on how many 'total online' players we'll be able to support. Hosting fees are relatively low these days, so it will be trivial to add capacity as our community grows.

    The only drawback is that travel between planets will not be seamless -- we have to have a loading / cut scene during transition.

    To handle overcrowding per-planet, we'll have to employ instancing. If there are too many players arriving to the same planet, we'll spawn new instances of that planet. I hope we'll find exact limits and capacity during alpha; from what others have tested with Unreal Engine's dedicated server is that up to about 1000 players, it seems to perform quite well.

    We'll actually have soft limits -- if a planet reaches 500 players, we'll start loading new players to the new instance, to allow previous 500 players to invite their friends to join them. You'll also have ability to switch instances at will.

  • :relaxed: Thanks for in-depth reply.

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