Resources/crafting and PVP

  • Another bunch of questions :smile:

    1. Is the resource gathering/processing materials a simple system (like minecraft) or will you implement something more complex (like Haven and Hearth/Salem) where stuff takes time to make(even days) and quite abit of infrastructure.

    2. PVP - Will it be open PVP where players can attack other player's planets or only those that are flagged as 'pvp' ? This could lead to another level of gameplay where players need to craft and build defences, traps, guard npc's etc.

  • Traverse Team

    Thanks for the questions!

    1. We are trying to keep as many systems as simple as possible. So gathering will be quite simple - If you find a plant that is glowing -- you can harvest it. You don't need 'herbalism' skill or enough points for it. You just cut it and pick it up. Same with mining, lumberjacking, etc. We will have a processing step, after gathering, to create intermediate product. This is the same product you will get by recycling existing items. (you get the same metal bars by recycling plate armor, as you would by smelting iron ore)

    Difficult part will be in obtaining rare crafting materials that would be needed for very rare items.

    1. Players can build defense towers, castles, gates, trenches to support defense of their planets. Only guild owned PVP-flagged planets can be attacked and conquered. In this scenario winning guild takes the ownership of the planet. Otherwise, if you create a free-for-all PVP planet, you will have tools to help you define gameplay rules -- but ownership of your planet will never change.

  • Thanks !

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