Benefits of having a popular planet

  • Traverse Team

    We really want to encourage players to create interesting and fun environments on their planets. This doesn't mean that everyone has to have cool looking planets, but rather we want that aspect of gameplay to be completely viable. In fact, we don't want to force players to fight mobs and grow their character only that way.

    A percentage of experience and coin that your visitors earn while on your planet, will also be rewarded to your character. So if you have really cool and busy planet, your character will level up quite fast.

    Players can rate the planets they are on, and this rating will let us create planet leaderboards. We'll have 'currently trending', 'best this week', and 'best of all time' so everyone will have easy way to search and access popular planets.

  • Impressive, i love creative games, and, having a chance to create my own planet biome is just amazing. Hype growing!

  • By that description, it seems people with popular planets will have access to experience and therefore levels that any other player would have difficulties reaching, if they are even possible. Is there going to be a cap on the extra experience a player can earn or some other mechanism to balance this? Or is this a feature meant to encourage competition between planets? Or have I simply misunderstood?

  • Traverse Team

    Heya -- our main intention is to provide alternative way to leveling. If a player enjoys building planets more than engaging in combat, this will be viable way to grow their character too. Similar alternative way to leveling is through PVP where you'll earn xp from kills.

    Proportion of reward is quite small (around 0.1% of the experience per kill), and we'll have to have daily caps to these amounts, that will scale with levels.

  • I just re-read my comment. It seems it was a bit ambiguous... Either way, thanks for the explanation!

  • Traverse Team

    Since players will have really big freedom with what they do with their planet, we want to discourage environments that will be simply unplayable. You can create really spiky planet, as output from noise generator. It will be impossible for player to move around, mobs won't be able to navigate, overall it just wouldn't work. Rating system should help players because others will start avoiding planets like that, and overall owner won't be earning any rewards.

  • @aztar That my case :smiley: I enjoy more by creating not by fighting. Have great ideas for amazing planets.

  • Traverse Team

    @Draëcal looking forward to seeing what you make!

    We are also adding XP scrolls.

    Different ways to obtain scrolls could be, gathering items, space travel, hidden treasure chests, PVP or building. We will have caps on how many you can loot at once to avoid exploiting the system.

    We plan on adding an offline mode. This will give players access to anything they need to build on their planet. They wont need to craft any items and will have full access to all props in game.

    In offline mode you can't have anyone visit your planet. This will give players an idea of what they can do on their planet. But they won't be able to publish it for online version till they have all the resources they need.

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