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    This is an informal thread for members to introduce themselves. We would love to know where you are from, what you do and what you like. Don't be a stranger!

  • Perfect! Time to introduce myself.

    Hi, my real name is "Alfredo" quite difficult to pronounce I know :D but, by the way, you can find me everywhere by the name "Draëcal".

    28 years old, Web & Graphic developer, also gamer since I have memory and and old MS-DOS computer ^_^.

  • Alright.. My name is Bashar Abdullah, 35 years old from Kuwait (see how far your reputation reached?). Been web developer, went through several languages. ASP, PHP, Java, then eventually Ruby on Rails.

    I'm a gamer myself ofcourse who have huge debt of games I'd love to finish. When I'm stressed out, it's gaming that releases that pressure for me.

    Recently I decided to try game development, as I'm looking for something different and more exciting. Working on Unity right now, but nothing fancy yet. While I was exploring the community, and seeing how developers and artists work and share their updates, I felt the community was split between developers, artists, composers, and voice actors. So I got inspired to start a portfolio site ( feel free to remove it if this is against policy) for people in game industry to show their work, interact with gamers, and connect with and find other talents.

  • @Draëcal Actually "Alfredo" seems pretty easy to me. It's Alfred (from batman), with an O ;). I love the name as well.

    You have MS-DOS... I raise you Commodore 64. With a bunch of ahem p******d disks.

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    Thanks both of you for sharing. Feel free to post any links about yourselves, I'm always curious!

  • OMG! i forgot, I'm from Spain ^_^

    If you are familiar with Spanish, and love reading, feel free to visit my blog on the other hand, you can find me by typing almost any social network url follow by /draecal :d

  • @aztar thanks :)

  • Traverse Team

    @Draëcal Hola! I am not familiar with the language sadly, but i did stay in Barcelona for a week. Still remember the food and coffee ::two_hearts:

    Off to check out both of your links.

  • @aztar cool! it's a beautiful city to stay for a while :D for some english notes written by me you can check my "notes" at facebook

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    Commodore 64? I raise with ZX 81 (although beats C64 by only a year)..

    I'm 43yr old, Serbian-born New Zealander, with unfortunate name 'Sasha' -- kids think I'm one of the Bratz

    Been programming for various big companies; never in game industry until now.

  • I always pronounce alfredo as alf-ray-dough, am I doing it right? :monkey:

    Anyway, I'm Nick, a uni student from the far north, pretty thrilled to find such a promising looking game being developed in NZ. Just got into game development myself a few years ago and still learning a lot about it in Unity, although that may change soon with Lumberyard which looks pretty awesome.

  • @Kajahe it's more like al-fre-do, here is the difficulty :D

  • Hello!

    I usually go by R3D0 (pronounced are-three-dee-oh, 'redo' is just a coincidence :­P ) or Triffinne online. I'm a game dev, though that seems to be the norm here! I'm located in America (I know, big surprise) and love seeing indie games of all kinds.

    Currently, I've been working on Climb, a turn based MMO. I'm not great with social stuff, so getting word out is slow, but I'll keep at it!

    I love linguistics (though I only speak English) and world building. If you want to chat about either for your game or just for the heck of it, send me a message. I'll apologize in advance, I have trouble speaking sometimes, so I may send a wall of text to explain simple concepts.

    Speaking of walls of text, I'll wrap this up here and say I'm looking forward to Traverse and any other indie game the rest of you make!

  • Traverse Team

    @Draëcal How did you learn to write like that in another language? Amazing!

    @Kajahe Nice to see a fellow Kiwi! Welcome Kajahe.

    @bashar3a Website looks great! Just signed up and ready to poach all your members ;-)

    @EternalSites Game sounds great. Do you have any media stuff, videos etc, couldn't find it on your website.

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    I guess i should say something seen i started it.

    I am from New Zealand. I am a mother of three kids foremost. I love coffee, lawnmowing (helps me think), urban exploring, anything unusual and any form of art.

    I started off painting on canvas and went on to open my own Art Gallery. I eventually converted to 3d art. After playing in CryEngine for a few years i was hooked. It was like painting on canvas but being able to run through it.

  • @aztar just i feel comfortable both writing and speaking in English, it seems like a mother tongue, but far from reality as I grow up in Spain, I learnt english at Tramore (Republic Of Ireland) graded by Trinity College (London) when I was 15. It's like, sometimes my mind it's plenty of thoughts but after a while I figured out that I was thinking in english.

    And there is also some thoughts that I can only transmit if I wrote them exactly how they come to me. ^_^

  • @aztar No media yet. Since it's mostly text based I'm still figuring out what to do about that. I figure a video of a bunch of links being clicked isn't much to look at.

    @Draëcal It's always interesting to hear how multi-lingual people think. Do you find it difficult to switch between languages, or can you switch without really thinking about it?

  • Traverse Team

    @Draëcal quite interesting how you think in English. Sasha experienced something very similar while growing up. He said he also dreams in English.

    @EternalSites I guess it could be a challenge but you could do some sort of compilation?

  • @aztar What do you mean a compilation?

  • Traverse Team

    @EternalSites a few screen grabs with some background music :boom:

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