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  • Traverse Team

    Welcome @BlueFRJ ! We're just in 'pre-alpha'. Current version of the game client is 0.5.24; and we will be in alpha before we hit version 1.0.0 :-)

  • @Xulture Perfect! Can't wait for it :)

  • Thanks a lot for the warm welcome folks! and hiya BlueFRJ :)

  • Hello everybody.
    My name is Janina and I'm from Germany.
    I searched for new Voxelgames. Than I found a video about the character creation of traverse and was intantly impressed. And what I’ve seen so far looks really cool! :)

  • Traverse Team

    @Violetta Welcome Janina from Germany - thanks for taking the time to come and say hi! We did focus on giving players the ability to have a lot more freedom for character creation in Traverse - pretty scary what you can make! 0_1463621190174_char_creation.JPG

  • Be welcome @Violetta all you had seen until now is just a little piece of what will us be able to do in Traverse, one of the most promising games I've never seen in a long time, it won't disappoint you. Keep in touch for all the news and progress that they do every week. Too much hard work is behind this game (^_^)

  • Thank's for the welcome. ^^
    I think I will spend a lot of time with the character creation.
    I am looking forward to the game . :)

  • Traverse Team

    @Draëcal thanks for all the support Draecal! - oh and don't be surprised if you come across an item in game with your name on it, that also applies to some of our other regulars!

  • Traverse Team

    Future chat log:
    Xulture joins the pvp minigame
    MrBrown: watch out, she's got a DD!
    Xulture: who? that assassin?
    MrBrown: yeah, MissWhite is deadly
    Xulture: what's a DD??
    MrGreen: Doom of Draëcal, of course, you n00b!

  • Thank you so much @Aztar and @Xulture as always very kind of you (^_^) You have all my support since the first time I knew about Traverse, If there should be just a word to define what Traverse is, sure it's Limitless

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