What sort of mechanisms/tools would you like to see in Traverse?

  • Traverse Team

    Wow! some great ideas here, thanks for all the suggestions. I will see if we can incorporate your names into them ;-)

    We're starting off with Bow, because each different ranged weapon needs its own set of animations, and that pushes our workload up a bit. We'd love to add more later.

    Assassin has stealth. Ranger has 'Send Packing' that pull ranger back away from the enemy. Mage has 'Make tracks' that leaps him forward. Knight has 'Charge' that is a fast sprint forward / to the target, and Barbarian has 'Chains of war' that pull the enemy to you. We haven't done any temporary 'damage' to the terrain yet, but that's quite easy to add.

    Jet packs and grappling hooks will be standard (although players will have to craft their own) -- that one of the ways to help prevent getting trapped because of someone's poor planet design (eg narrow hole where you can get stuck)

    With building -- when you design and build a house, first step editing the layout, moving walls, placing windows, floors, roofs, etc. This becomes a 'blueprint' that use for next step (but you can also trade this blueprint with other players). Blueprint and building materials and needed to create finished house. This finished house you can place on your planet. (if you're the creator of the blueprint, you can make copies of it) So you can design one cool looking house and reuse it many times.

    Environment - Rivers and waterfalls (as permanent feature on your planet, not just simulated while you're spilling) will work similar to the road tool.

    Switches that activate other things will be usually a simple connection to the target (door, trap door, spawner of some sort), but we also want to create an editor where you connect logical representations of those objects and create a more complex flow, like Blueprint system that Unreal Engine has.

    Gameplay modes: we have 3 modes:

    Explore mode is how you play the game most of the time. This is where you fight mobs, craft, loot, fight players in pvp areas, explore planets, travel between them.

    Design mode is when you're editing the planet, terraforming, placing objects, water, designing logic for gameplay events, flagging the planet for PVP or PVE, creating mini game for it. You can always switch into this mode on your planet, but for other planets thats only possible if the owner adds you to 'designers' list. Design mode has two editing sub-modes, one where you control character (eg for first-person digging) and other where your character disappears and you can move through collision if you need to.

    Offline mode is similar to Design mode, but you have access to all possible items and buildings, you can't invite friends and mobs don't spawn. Here you can experiment and try different layouts for the planet. If you decide to 'upload' it to make it online, it will generate a shopping list of all items and crafting materials you need before that would be possible.

  • Wow, amazing response Aztar! That gets me so hyped! All of it.....HYPED!

  • Great stuff, keep it coming =).
    WTB Fast forward button to try alpha... :)

  • Floating islands!

    Oh, and I have no idea how this would work in the game engine, but... Perhaps being able to change the planet's shape?

  • Traverse Team

    @Evelyn You can change the landscape in anyway you want. We have added various terraforming tools already but looking at the planet from space it will look like a sphere.

  • LUA NPCs or similar? and own animations fbx / dae / bvh ?

  • Traverse Team

    We definitely want to add ability to program AI, but not sure if it will be Lua, or some other language, or some other visual programming interface. It needs to be simple but versatile.

    With animations we'd love to allow people to mocap using Xbox Kinect.

    Both of these are planned for 'later'

  • A lot of nature by nature. Trees in different kinds or rocks.. e.g. Jungle Look..
    Props for magicans/witchs/witchdoctors
    Tools to bring buildouts or npcs to live; to tell a story or else. (Script Editor)
    No Zombie-Survival.. but mystery monsters or animals.
    Roleplay Features. (sitting, emotions, cuddling.. ah no no no, handshaking o,o )
    Cooking with own receipts

    Bla. smile

  • @xulture said:

    We definitely want to add ability to program AI, but not sure if it will be Lua, or some other language, or some other visual programming interface. It needs to be simple but versatile.

    With animations we'd love to allow people to mocap using Xbox Kinect.

    Both of these are planned for 'later'

    I am so happy that these things are already being discussed :) It really seems that you guys are taking this game to the next level of creativity! Its so cool.

    My vote is for visual programming!! Go Go UE Blueprints lol!!

  • Traverse Team

    @Congh So far we have added a load of trees, herbs for crafting, various grass and a few rocks (will add more soon).

    We are also planning on adding a 'tree creation' tool. So you can design your own trees.

    There is a small chance that this tree will be upgraded to 'rare' tier and drop rare materials when harvested.

    We have added quite a few mystical items so far. I will add a screenshot later to show you a few. We have also added lots of 'Harry Potter" style shops with interior, one being a wand shop :)

    We will add lots of different animations and emotes for players to get into character. We have started adding a few already, such as sit down, sleep, wave , walk etc..

    All props you can interact with. You can sit on every chair, toilet, couch or sleep on any bed. All houses have interior and you enter by clicking on the door and it opens.

    Players will have the ability to write their own story for their planet. They can write their own quest lines. We are also trying to work out mechanics for players adding there own cut scenes.

  • That sounds great. With such tools and features, the game will be certainly an eyecatcher. I'm curious.



  • Traverse Team

    @Congh As promised a screenshot just for you! This was a quick mock up of some sort of Magical 'Harry Potter' style city you could build, with some of our magical props that players can craft/loot. Keep in mind all these shops have interior, opening door upon click, many separate rooms and staircase leading to 3 other levels!


  • Traverse Team

    With a few pavements. some particles such as rubbish blowing around and NPC's such as a beggar on the street asking for a few coin. a kid chasing a cat. maybe add some better street lighting, smoke, fog and sounds of a busy city and it would look quite alive.

    We also intend on adding ability to sell physical items in your shop, once you run out of stock the items will disappear from the shelves. We have the framework already so this will be trivial to implement.

  • Can't talk. Can't find my jaw. :no_mouth:

  • odd idea but the ability to throw down a grid over the terrain. The purpose of this is so you could create a world that anyone (as a game master [d&d, pathfinder, savage worlds, ect..]) could use the traverse world as a virtual battle mat.

  • Traverse Team

    @Steven-Smith You got yourself a deal! We'll add ability to overlay grid asap -- since its not a big piece.

    Settings: x and y offset (so you get to move the lines horizontally where you need them), grid spacing (do you want x and y separated?), color (perhaps?), shape (square or hexa?)

    I love the idea of people using Traverse for non-traverse purposes. We plan to look into interfacing with 3D printers too.

  • @Xulture Awesome. As for spacing I'd go with whatever would comfortably fit an average sized character. Video game building and programming aren't my line of expertise so unfortunately I wouldn't know much in the way of proper terminology to be able to offer advice. But I do understand the x, y, and z axis. Also are there going to be any a.i. controlled npc's? Iif so is it possible to turn off the A.I. for individual npc's or all npc's so they could be moved around the map or manipulated manually?

  • Traverse Team

    When you're in design mode, you place markers where mobs will spawn. We haven't created the appearance of these markers, but perhaps we can give you options, to make them rendered as a mob statue (frozen in animation pose), or idling.. They won't be active.

  • Since few days I got this idea what I would like to see in Traverse.
    Since traveling between planets is done via spaceship maybe add another system where players can make teleports and connected their/friends worlds.
    If we take it to another level you could also put "locks" on teleports. To remove lock you need "password" - digits/lever/trigger/key. (Yes I know too much time watching Stargate lol). But it would be kinda amazing for ppl to search for unique keys and visit planets that are hidden using normal spaceships.

  • Traverse Team

    Ohh that will be so cool!!

    There is another method of transport, that we have to have, but its not really in-character. If you know about your destination, either because your friend gave you 'planet url' or because you watched someone's video and they posted it in comments, you can just warp there. This method will have some cooldown.

    Your idea of special connected teleports is so cool though. If you need to complete some quests on one planet, perhaps you can win a key for the next planet.

    You could build whole series of worlds like that..?

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