The RNG beast?

  • Firstly I just want to say that I am of the camp that favours RNG.

    So when I consider Traverse, what types of RNG aspects can we expect?
    Randomised loot table?
    Randomised Weapon/Armor stats?
    Randomised tier item drops?
    Is there a chance proccing quality items when crafting?
    Are there rare spawns that can be hunted and tamed?

  • Traverse Team

    RNG is awesome -- replaces the dev team of 200 ;-) We can't manually go around assigning specific loot tables, or create manually hundreds of various characters, or quests.

    We are trying to mix RNG with procedurally generated stuff, but let player control as much of it.

    All loot is randomized -- number of items that spawn at loot, quality tiers of the items, and item within specific quality tier. The only hardcoded part is that items belong to different chance to spawn depending on what is loot source. Eg 'iron ore' is 'common' item that has much larger chance to spawn while mining, than while killing a mob, and 0% chance to spawn while lumberjacking.

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