Weekly Update (Feb 13, 2016)

  • Traverse Team

    Hi guys, quick history of what we've been working past week:

    commit f08b55522474931f044a913f261f28069fd5ec25
    Date: Sat Feb 13 21:47:37 2016 +1300

    fixed how lod disables feet alignment

    commit 094bc2ec6c585f80f9a1b473a7e72dd6f1a7a63e
    Date: Sat Feb 13 21:34:06 2016 +1300

    train network replication

    commit 644b4957b59bd2be82fb3fd400775b364f648531
    Date: Sat Feb 13 03:43:04 2016 +1300

    railroad and train replication

    commit 147aa23f8bb169664684b1de90bcba7274520019
    Date: Fri Feb 12 21:48:32 2016 +1300

    fixed all terrain tiles ticking all the time

    commit edef9fa07d80a4e09ae3316ba9bf34b550ae7ef3
    Date: Fri Feb 12 18:15:27 2016 +1300

    fixed rare infinite loop during ocean generation; fixed server sync of "planetready"

    commit cb30f0ded2c4e39cdcf0972981f0eb68b42a6fdb
    Date: Fri Feb 12 16:17:30 2016 +1300

    prevent mobs from spawning near other objects

    commit 69299cdc8e092d9d940f95f9e0ab5a140abf7e32
    Date: Fri Feb 12 02:04:33 2016 +1300

    fixed animals alignment

    commit c4cf7de52e695aa505ad7f55ce312b23cc1af3be
    Date: Thu Feb 11 22:47:14 2016 +1300

    feet alignment tweaks; mob spaning on slopes limit

    commit 37784ce0bd2f8cb25afe947a06d1b7c24d2085c2
    Date: Thu Feb 11 22:01:40 2016 +1300

    fixed west station

    commit 30a3893dd6ede4b00752ba1ace94a1f4aae07281
    Date: Thu Feb 11 21:37:39 2016 +1300

    char feet alignment, added quad alignment to few more animals (fox, cow, sheep, deer)

    commit ac33c2182577650bee6d0b27d6bb6380da0235bf
    Date: Thu Feb 11 16:38:20 2016 +1300

    distance, editing, terraforming when terrain is not clicked, bugfixes

    commit 9391fb266942aa6151f4a22d15d7a1902c6df1b1
    Date: Thu Feb 11 00:53:48 2016 +1300

    attempted to fix camera rotation while sitting inside moving train

    commit a0bec774de79938d36431227390ace020eb12ff6
    Date: Wed Feb 10 23:11:44 2016 +1300

    train work

    commit adc6601c13bd5e0d97b82c296265e74748a7611d
    Date: Wed Feb 10 21:01:26 2016 +1300

    ambient lights and carriage lights

    commit 0ddfd8d6079fb6b977f2048533497a2ea25c18fd
    Date: Wed Feb 10 03:32:14 2016 +1300

    train sounds and particles

    commit cae4b3c0fa3c7a534dc99da52039d12f5c3265bd
    Date: Wed Feb 10 00:16:49 2016 +1300

    mob screenshots

    commit b13eb05f3b0338ded251604a274f964a72fd0c9c
    Date: Tue Feb 9 23:55:09 2016 +1300

    added back wheels to locomotive

    commit 2987da5f7680be168f953e3834c33d4f188b8e35
    Date: Tue Feb 9 22:28:55 2016 +1300

    added train stop marker

    commit 3c59882aac840c3c3fb3f4749291a7b07fc4fbae
    Author: Sasha Petrovich sasha@allegragames.com
    Date: Tue Feb 9 21:08:39 2016 +1300

    functional train stops

    commit af9386352b33766d52e3c99709711c1f186a20fe
    Date: Tue Feb 9 20:22:48 2016 +1300

    stop sign 3d model

    commit e75f4e6b3b4fc5bc62bd4ce404d8ae460a392a85
    Date: Tue Feb 9 16:34:53 2016 +1300

    fixed keys getting stuck on alt-tab

    commit 6453bcfa644121e77198706a974e0eb97fa8ffb2
    Date: Tue Feb 9 01:40:59 2016 +1300

    train stops work

    commit 07fbdc90955516371d6b6cee2abb88392846f848
    Date: Mon Feb 8 23:21:20 2016 +1300

    updated glass mat, removed refraction

    commit d533169696ec58fc88e04795166507dc2216e0ca
    Date: Mon Feb 8 22:21:03 2016 +1300

    road pivot displayed between all selected points

    commit ef5f5347fa70d943863b16f24b0d70b22656948d
    Date: Mon Feb 8 21:53:10 2016 +1300

    updated road preview point size

    commit 615526fa94f21e32dced0beedf8190dcafbc4c21
    Date: Mon Feb 8 21:50:56 2016 +1300

    fixing junction movement

    commit 2add611e4b1297c081f281826a5260afc9f219f4
    Date: Mon Feb 8 15:04:49 2016 +1300

    selectively disabling road/railroad collision during editing for performance reasons

    commit cb84a160450aaa20e42b08f4b66e8bab7d7dd298
    Date: Mon Feb 8 13:59:43 2016 +1300

    glass tweaks

    commit c2bc814b5f50ff06c04ce029b9ccfc5961179186
    Date: Mon Feb 8 13:56:44 2016 +1300

    removed collision creation during road movement

    commit 59773bc545166e6a72901d893950e67f7fd2dbaa
    Date: Mon Feb 8 02:05:02 2016 +1300

    disable switch while train is passing over it (over the junction switch)

    commit c14f6e513cedace9d933cb6789309e9252a6323e
    Date: Mon Feb 8 00:19:32 2016 +1300

    fixed junction dead loop

    commit 037afa9a43a5f19a730c86b9bd2cf71d1a038df3
    Date: Sun Feb 7 22:59:17 2016 +1300

    added train junctions

  • Traverse Team

    Our current milestone is still "Railroad / Train video" and whatever is needed to get it to look good :-)

  • Ah yes, the oh-so-picky "alt+tab" command. Will the screen go black? white? artifacts everywhere? character animation frozen? Who knows!

  • Traverse Team

    When you press ALT, Unreal engine gets 'On KeyDown' event for Alt, when you hit Tab, windows switches to another application, but Unreal never gets 'On KeyUp' for Alt key, so when you come back to the game, it behaves as if you're still holding Alt.

    Holding Alt does few things for us, and we surely don't want to misbehave when user doesn't actually hold it.

    Related issue is if you hold forward and left keys, and click outside of game window; this puts game to background, and the game never gets KeyUp for those movement keys.....

  • Huh... would it be possible to put in a catch-all with an "on mouse leave" or something? Just whenever the game goes out of focus for any reason, cancel all client input. Or is that just wishful thinking?

  • Traverse Team

    @EternalSites yepp that's how its implemented - flush all input on focus lost.. :-)

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