Some more Questions regarding Roadmap, Funding and Release!

  • Hi I just want to get as informed as possible. I frequent many gaming websites and forums (Thanks to my job) and really want to help promote this game. But for now I was looking for answers to these questions.

    Will you be posting a developmental Roadmap? Or will it just be posted as things advance?
    Have you considered using a Trello board? Could allow the community to suggest and vote on things?
    Are you fully funded at this moment? Will the be any crowdfunding platforms launched?
    Will this release on Steam? Will you use Steam Early Access?
    Will you have founders programs?

    Truthfully I have more but we know that answering the forum takes you away from developing, so no rush!!


  • Traverse Team

    We'll post the roadmap soon and keep it up to date. Should we include all the past milestones on it?

    For internal project tracking, we are trialing hacknplan, seems quite good but without any public visibility. I think we'll have to switch to trello to engage everyone in the process, like you say.

    Last year we've been focusing on getting the core mechanics of the building side of things done; and we've created all abilities and classes. (balancing level progression is still to come). We haven't started with any funding options yet. As far as PR goes, we've just started spreading the word about the game. One of the next steps is to put the game up on Greenlight.

    Some of the next steps:

    • Playabe demo (and forum members will be involved in testing it)
    • Greenlight trailer (and whatever mechanics are required for it)
    • Closed alpha (to start tuning any network related issues)

    Around and after greenlight, we'll discover what feedback we're getting and if we're solid enough to go to Kickstarter.

    We'll most likely have founders programs, either through Kickstarter or through Steam Early Access, or just directly off our website.

    So far, we are the only source of funding so we can work on Traverse full time :-)

  • I suspect you'll take about half a day to be greenlit on Steam :laughing:
    This is going to explode for you guys. I am very excited for you guys and us! :smile:

  • Traverse Team

    That'd be so cool!

    'Early access' is so much more intimidating, because we need to provision server capacity, or pre-allocate enough, and its hard to gauge the 'enough' amount.

    Lucky that there all these cloud providers where we can setup servers, and turn them off (and billing stops while they're off)..

  • From experience, of buying too many EA games than I've time to play, the best ones are very open and honest with things like roadmap, funding etc. Basically transparency wins the day, good or bad.

    As this is pretty much a 'from the ground up' project with two devs it's quite exciting anyway so you've got a heck of a start bearing in mind the videos etc I've seen already :)

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