Plans to translate the game?

  • Hi,

    Well, I was thinking if translate the game to other languages is one of your dev's milestones. I could help you to translate it to Spanish, and I'm pretty sure many others members in the community would gladly do it on their own languages.

  • Traverse Team

    Thanks!! That will be awesome. At this stage we have left localization for 'later' without any specific plans. Unreal engine is quite flexible, we'll just have to change few things in regard how we have game strings, to allow us to maintain language table with all possible languages.

    Things get complicated if we add voice though..

  • Yes,voice acting might make it a bit harder ( though I know lot of people that would happily do it in Spanish). But, I think that it'd be amazing if at least we get texts and subtitles in Spanish,and if You need help on that...Let me know it

  • Traverse Team

    Will do, thanks a lot!!

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