Interplanetary travel

  • I didn't see any info on the questions floating around in my head. It's about interplanetary travel☺

    When we board are rocket and travel is it seemsless? Can we fly straight up through the clouds to another planet? Will there be loading screens?
    Or is planet selection more like selecting a server?

    I'd love to learn more about this when you get time☺

  • Traverse Team

    First version will be a gui that lets you select your destination. With a few tweaks to UnrealEngine we will be able to fly off, go through a layer of high clouds (to hide stuff that disappears and reappears) and carry on flying through space.

    Planets nearby will have the rough map of the actual planet when you land -- same image that we'll generate for the minimap will be used as texture and wrapped around the sphere. It may not be 100% accurate around the poles but it will be fine in most other areas. :-)

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