Upcoming changes to the Forum

  • Greetings Traverseians!?!!

    Errr, I'm not exactly sure what to call us all as technically we can be anything we dream up :) (If you have an idea for a general term please let me know, lol)

    In the upcoming weeks as the community grows, the forum traffic will most certainly increase. I think is both beneficial and important to maintain a user friendly forum. I'll be attempting to create a more topic oriented forum, that will have subs that can more easily induce discussion.

    Most ideas and changes will occur in the first few weeks of people playing Traverse. Its only reasonable to assume that players will need a more tangible idea of what Traverse is to really get the discussion brewing :)

    So far things I am planning are additional catagories like:

    • Traverse Gameplay (Combat, Building, Exploration)
    • Player Created Content (Builds, Lore, Events, Ideas, Screenshots)
    • Tech Support (Forum and Account, Bug reports)

    This will just be the beginning as we try to streamline the forum and provide a easy navigable structure. With that said, please feel free to suggest any ideas you have for subs forums.

    Thanks, Alex

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