Weekly Update (Feb 20, 2016)

  • Traverse Team

    Hi guys,

    We've been quite busy last week, with a lot of code changes to finalize Train system. There are still few bugs left to fix, but it's in a pretty good shape. We also recorded and published the train demo video that did prompt some additional attention, and so many new members.

    Well done everyone! Special mention that @Dorian-Sora managed to come up with original soundtrack including voices and some of the effects for the video!

    Extract from the git log:

    Date: Sat Feb 20 19:48:59 2016 +1300

    • character desc serialization
    • updated HD version of Traverse logo

    Date: Fri Feb 19 19:36:45 2016 +1300

    • IsFriendlyTowards() always returns true when evaluating self as target
    • enabled pvp again, for the train video
    • added new background music
    • allow character naming to any name/capitalization
    • buffed assassin's "deadly silence" to one-shot conductor on the train
    • added window lights for the trailer
    • fixed animation network sync
    • replicated/networked wave animation, added ability for custom emote animations

    Date: Thu Feb 18 23:45:02 2016 +1300

    • added wave animation, elderly movement blendspace and animations
    • fixed west station
    • fixed train station platform
    • fixed cvar creation for t.showhelpers
    • added cvar to disable road helpers, gizmo and colorization window

    Date: Wed Feb 17 23:21:16 2016 +1300

    • fixed bug that prevented mobs spawning spawning
    • rearranged npc spawns
    • sitting alignment (including feet) for large/small characters
    • changed character avatar background image
    • sitting vertical body alignment
    • train fixes
    • removed feet alignment nodes during movement for bipeds; fixed camera speed changes in edit mode

    Date: Tue Feb 16 23:28:16 2016 +1300

    • fixed carriage
    • fixed train reload from db, after server restart
    • fixed geometry and collision on tree
    • added Frepeye tree
    • fixed chair alignment
    • fixed male LOD distances; fixed sitting on train chairs

    Date: Mon Feb 15 02:44:44 2016 +1300

    • train database handling and sync
    • train colorization and database handling

    Date: Sun Feb 14 23:00:06 2016 +1300

    • fixed train chair alignment
    • created new grass, new flowers and new trees

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