A look at how weather and lighting settings on your planet can change the whole 'look and feel'

  • Traverse Team

    While creating your planet you will get a ton of settings for lighting and weather. As you can see by these images they effect the look and feel a lot. We have added 'random' buttons to each section, which i use a lot for screenshots to get some interesting atmosphere..

    Curious which one you prefer?

    fairy4.jpg fairy3.jpg fairy2.jpg fairy1.jpg

  • Can't decide between 3rd and 4th. I am leaning towards 3rd screenshot :)

  • I've got to agree with @Liriel , 3 and 4 are both visually pleasing, but 3 fits the fantasy element a bit better.

  • @Aztar 1st, 2nd.... wait wait 3rd! no, no, All of them!! :smile:

  • I like the first one! And I've looked at these a bunch, I am just now noticing the mailbox haha. Beautiful touch Aztar!

  • That's amazing, the engine looks really powerful and each color palette makes things look completely different.

    For example, screenshot #1 with the blue sky and the red shadow makes it look a bit trippy, kind of like Alice in Wonderland, #2 with the purple shadow sort of reminds me of a winter level in Super Mario Bros., #3 with the khaki green sky makes me feel as if the world is cursed by a witch or there is a plague and #4... I can't even describe that. :D

  • Traverse Team

    Thanks for all the feedback. I start loosing perspective after awhile. On twitter the first one seemed to be the most popular. Over here 3 and 4.

    I did notice a big difference between my screen, where everything has less contrast and my phone where they seem more vibrant. I guess that is something to think about when you are working on your planets

    I think i like the first one the most :D

  • They all look simply amazing!

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