When the testing of the game?

  • When the testing of the game?

  • @Ornilx awesome question XD

  • Traverse Team

    We don't have set date yet,

    We'll ask forum members to help out with testing soon, first with testing the demo of the game, later with alpha testing, when we add all the features that we need by then. Beta will be relatively brief (1 month or so) just before release; mostly focusing on capacity tuning.

  • Hello, devs! Im from indiedb http://www.indiedb.com/games/traverse

    quote from xulture from http://www.indiedb.com/games/traverse

    Thanks guys! We are still doing internal testing; not quite ready for public builds yet. You can sign up to our forums, if you'd like to do some early pre-alpha with us.

    I accepted the invitation. So... How can i help u guys? Need more testers?

    My cv from dtf.ru
    http://dtf.ru/person/info.php?id=30648 (warning russian language).

    P.S: My English not perfect, but i think we can communicate.

    Best Regards.

  • @AHrEJl The game is in a Pre-Alpha state, right now is all about internal tests, so by the time the game turns to Alpha or Beta state it will be as stable as possible to guarantee a full experience to players, anyway keep in touch at the forum, whenever a private or public test will be announced you will be able to find the information here.

    PS: Thanks for joining.

  • Traverse Team

    @AHrEJl Hi Bogdan! Welcome to our forums.

    Like @Draëcal said, we're currently in internal pre-alpha. Most of the planet building mechanics have been completed, still ironing out last few wrinkles in that area. In the end, players will be able to have 400km sq planets, and travel between them will be seamless (no loading screens).

    Next are few of the core mechanics that need to be finalized, like level progression, crafting, trading; we have finished with most of the building blocks for those systems (like animations, effects, combat mechanics, inventory, coins) what is left is to put it all together. Naturally, during open (or by-invite) Alpha testing, most of the balancing will happen.

    During alpha and beta we intend to work on translating the game to as many languages as possible. This will continue after full release too. Russian language is certainly high on our list of priorities.

    As to specific date -- we still don't have it, but we intend to be fully released this year.

  • Thank you for the answer. I'll wait for the alpha or pre-alpha test. My friends traking this game too. Gl and gj devs.

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