This is the life!

  • Hi, Livingstone here,

    Just a moment now...I need to turn you can get a little choppy way out here.

    A little about me? Alright...well,

    I've been shuttling charters around Traverse for a long time now. I've seen a lot , but I've done more, hah!

    Sure I got favorite places....I've got places you can't pay me to go to anymore too!

    By the way, keep far outta the damn Daedrian sector if you value livin'. Bunch of bloody pirates, or demons or something. It's damn scary. We've lost a few last year....but that's the game. Hauling isn't for everyone.

    It ain't all bad though.

    Dawn is my favorite time to visit Ontorus 7. Everything is cloaked in a warm pink hue. The sky is all reds, purples and pinks.
    It's my favorite!

    It's quite a marvel to see in person, you should really consider it.

    It's most favorable during its off season. The cold solar winds make the Aurora come out. I'm not sure I've seen anything so pretty. Apparently, you might even see one of the famed but rare Battersea Bison. I never have though. Not in my time. But their around....well if your lucky!

    Still it's the landscape and the atmosphere that brings me back...hah! That and work!

    Going on 7 Luna now. I've travelled my fair share and then some. Maybe i just won't report back. Stay here and build me a cabin. My own personal heaven!

    Even the white peaks glow pink, Makes me think of ice cream. I can barely recall the taste. It's been too long since I've been back home.

    Do they still make ice cream?

    Well it's only a year till retirement. Then Astral-Haul Inc. will need to just cut me my pension and I'm out of the charter business.

    But it's been good though. I've seen so many places.... worlds that you wouldn't believe! Strange and wondrous sights. It's hard to walk away from that. There are still so many planets left to explore.....Galaxies and galaxies of them.

    Yep, this is the life.

    Maybe I'll hang on another few Luna. I don't think I could give this up if I tried.

    I'm sure this old boy can take a few more though...but the question is....can you?

  • hahaha awesome! but don't be afraid of Draedians Sector ^_^ its quite nice once you get used to it.

  • Haha I'm sure it is. 😂

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