Foliage Instancing completed

  • Traverse Team

    Hi guys, quick update --

    All static objects in Traverse are, in fact, created dynamically, at run time. This allows players to modify and edit everything, from houses, and buildings, to props such as chairs, tables, fences, down to foliage and plants.

    As a consequence, most of the Unreal Engine optimizations that exist, that operate on static geometry, don't apply to us.

    On our planets, we can have thousands of trees and grass objects. If these objects are all created individually at run time, they take quite a bit of time to get created (30-40 seconds, all together) and use quite a bit of CPU memory (for collision) and GPU memory (for rendering).

    We've managed to combine various UE4 built-in mechanisms for optimizations with our dynamically created geometry, and the end result is must faster creation (3-5 seconds), much lower CPU and GPU memory usage, and quite a bit of FPS improvement (roughly doubles FPS) without affecting intended functionality.

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