Weekly Update (Mar 5, 2016)

  • Traverse Team

    Hi guys,

    We've been quite busy last week. @Alex has started working on creating armor for the game, really excited about seeing it in game! @Aztar has been pushing the limits with the visuals, adding more customization parameters for the lighting and particle effects, and I've been mostly busy with server and back end handling, all paving the way towards rocket travel.

    Extract from git commit history:

    Date: Sat Mar 5 22:46:44 2016 +1300

    • fixed sparkles in multiplayer
    • changed sky sphere clouds rendering
    • sparkles intensity and size
    • added new skybox texture
    • sparkles adjustments
    • server host spawning
    • animated windmill arms

    Date: Fri Mar 4 21:08:35 2016 +1300

    • throttled down getipforchar
    • website screenshot update
    • compiled editor binary
    • ue dedicated server despawn on idle; spawning tweaks
    • ue dedicated server spawning on demand
    • extracted configuration parameters into its own file
    • added table to track available and running hosts

    Date: Thu Mar 3 21:15:40 2016 +1300

    • updated char creation
    • fixed looping on first connect
    • removed redundant flags, both offline, in-editor and online modes work as expected
    • fixed clothing assignment in character creation
    • fixed SessionRequestComplete
    • player character transitions and server authority
    • server auto launching

    Date: Wed Mar 2 21:28:15 2016 +1300

    • char selection screen/scene
    • added new stone prop
    • server character handling
    • server backend work

    Date: Tue Mar 1 21:36:29 2016 +1300

    • fixed AvailableCharacters memory handling
    • server character handling
    • char creation database handling
    • made bigger size ship gif for website

    Date: Mon Feb 29 18:25:19 2016 +1300

    • Mad Cow Studio logos
    • website updates
    • updated planets image
    • website updates
    • added new photo for website
    • new gif for website
    • server authentication
    • refactoring character desc handling

    Date: Sun Feb 28 23:11:12 2016 +1300

    • added a new tree
    • changed game and website icon to new brown look
    • authentication with server
    • trust proxy so we get real IP -- needed to track real IPs of UE dedicated server
    • ship animated gif for website

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