Weekly Update (Mar 12, 2016)

  • Traverse Team

    Hi guys,

    Another busy week for us -- focus this week is in space travel, effects, controls etc.

    Alex is continuing to work hard producing quite a few pieces of armor. I can't wait to put it all together and showcase here!

    Aztar has been busy creating all the GUI elements for space ship, balancing the low poly look with the space / high-tech theme. I think we're getting into a good balance between two extremes.

    Extract from git commit history:

    Date: Sat Mar 12 23:20:56 2016 +1300

    • space lighting and stars
    • movement controls display - roll, pitch, yaw
    • GUI changes - adjusted brightness and glow
    • movement control display base implementation
    • fixed cockpit and GUI
    • adde spaceship screen flicker; updated planet sizes; increased space specks coverage
    • test gui for cockpit
    • cockpit changes
    • space skybox settings
    • updated cockpit
    • space lighting settings
    • planet shaping from outer space

    Date: Fri Mar 11 22:27:57 2016 +1300

    • changed cockpit and crosshair
    • added new crosshair
    • cockpit tweaks
    • space ship manouvering tweaks
    • cockpit changes
    • cockpit controls
    • space and planets setup
    • updated spaceship
    • anamorphic lens flare
    • rocket movement

    Date: Thu Mar 10 23:19:26 2016 +1300

    • changed cockpit colors
    • added new satellite
    • hide level 'space' in editor, by default
    • work on planet's appearance from space
    • added 9 new satellites / stations
    • rocket movements in space
    • space specks adjustments
    • client build automation
    • added new rocks and clouds
    • take off transition
    • Alex's armor

    Date: Wed Mar 9 20:10:52 2016 +1300

    • recompiled editor binary
    • clean detach from server
    • fixed fish despawning that was causing lots of noise in logs and bad performance
    • login psd image tweaks
    • level streaming and rocket effects

    Date: Tue Mar 8 23:59:25 2016 +1300

    • take off effect
    • moved take off effect from character to player controller
    • reduced white glow from thrust smoke
    • rocket take-off effect
    • added rocket to website travel page
    • rocket take-off effect

    Date: Mon Mar 7 15:37:15 2016 +1300

    • fixed clouds
    • space travel base environemnt

    Date: Sun Mar 6 02:26:59 2016 +1300

    • updated several copyright notices
    • added more adjustments
    • new gif for website

  • This is really exciting stuff! The list doesn't justify it! :D

  • So uhm... satellites. I wonder what they allow us to do :D

  • Traverse Team

    @Liriel In the first version, you'll be able to shoot them and destroy them (or get shot down)

    While travelling between planets, just to give you something to do, we're adding a simple 'asteroids' type game, where you get to shoot asteroids (and/or satellites). Some are friendly, others are not, if you shoot friendly satellites, you get negative points. If your ship gets destroyed, big 'GAME OVER' text comes up, and you get to see where on the "high score" you are, compared to everyone else in Traverse.

    Your travel actually continues, you can just push a button to start the mini-game again.

    Later, when we add multiplayer to space travel, we intend to add ability to land on space stations, and run them like a dungeon.. Perhaps players will be able to create their own space stations too!

  • Very cool.

  • Traverse Team

    I know it's been a bit quiet, but we are very busy working behind the scenes and we hope to have something to show soon :D

  • Well being quiet has some + too :D You can focus more on making game. I can't wait for the moment when you say: "Now you can download and play Traverse" :-P

  • Traverse Team

    @Liriel You and a few of the other active members on the forums will certainly be the first to try out Traverse :)

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