Weekly Update (Mar 26, 2016)

  • Traverse Team

    Hi guys,

    This week, while still tweaking and adjusting the whole space travel, we have to rework terrain system to achieve two things -- seamless landing with your rocket (no loading screens), and unlock possibility to have large terrain size (up to 20km x 20km, which would give you up to 400sq km, roughly 200sq mi of land to work with). These terrains are enormous in terms of amount of work players would have to put in to provide meaningful content for their visitors. I believe most players will choose to have much smaller planets.

    Our main objective is to create effective mechanism for both server and client to only load small area near players, and display the rest with smaller LOD (level of detail). This will improve FPS on any hardware, and reduce memory usage. In any given moment, only about 200m x 200m of terrain will actually be loaded. Full size of planet can be much larger, and our limit will be 20km x 20km. (technically this limit has to do with Unreal Engine's units being 1cm, and floating point errors that start getting quite noticeable when vertices are more than 10km away form the coordinate system origin).

    Extract from the GIT commit history:

    Date: Sat Mar 26 21:33:44 2016 +1300

    • decomissioned per-chunk aabb calculation
    • refactoring terrain voxel data handling
    • refactoring voxel data handlng methods
    • refactoring undo functionality, and data backup
    • removed lod information from voxel data
    • testing large planet
    • refactoring VoxelActor interfaces
    • updated links
    • tidy up terraincontoller interface
    • upgraded ocean system to use new data structure and not rely on existince of terrain mesh
    • voxel data and mesh separation

    Date: Fri Mar 25 21:11:00 2016 +1300

    • moving voxel data out of AVoxelTerrain
    • fixed hardcoded limits to 1km size
    • terrain generation refactor

    Date: Thu Mar 24 23:49:56 2016 +1300

    • refactoring planet generation
    • planet LOD system
    • fixed simplify mesh and tweaked terrain LOD rules

    Date: Wed Mar 23 23:26:36 2016 +1300

    • terrain LOD generation
    • terrain LOD work
    • fixed bug preventing character creation in editor
    • terrain LOD system

    Date: Tue Mar 22 22:18:18 2016 +1300

    • updated cockpit
    • terrain/planet LOD system
    • lod generation in terrain controller
    • space ambience
    • planet LOD system
    • added space ambient sounds, updated cockpit interior
    • changed cockpit
    • fixed pitch color
    • moved modifier key controls to playercontroller
    • planet LOD work
    • space post process settings
    • terrain lod work
    • new flare

    Date: Mon Mar 21 23:13:05 2016 +1300

    • fixed server crash on start
    • planet LOD work
    • added new space skybox
    • refactoring terrain tile system
    • adjusted space lighting
    • created new star_skybox
    • updated planet destruction on take-off

    Date: Sun Mar 20 01:20:50 2016 +1300

    • removed train from placeable objects
    • cleanup old LOD code, in preparation for new, required for landing on planet
    • disabled specks
    • adding sparks in space

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