Weekly Update (May 14, 2016)

  • Traverse Team

    Hi guys! Another big week for us in terms of development! We've managed to squeeze initial planet load into some 4 seconds on average internet connection. Old system we had about a month ago used to take over 60 seconds.

    With this reduction, it is now easy to play some effects during the load for completely seamless transition when landing on the planet. As already planned, chat and in-game HUD will not be interrupted with this process.

    One of the major improvements of the terrain system is massive reduction of server RAM. Each planet-dedicated server now uses about 300Mb of RAM, down from 1.6Gb. This confirms that it will be possible for us to have no-subscription model (pay once, play forever), regardless of planet sizes.

    We're continuing adding more and more armor pieces to the game. With modular approach, and by re-using as much as possible, we should be close to big MMOs in overall number of lootable/craftable unique items.

    Extract from raw git commit history (bullet points are individual commits, time is from the last commit of the day):

    Date: Sat May 14 23:44:50 2016 +1200

    • terrain multi-threading
    • moved terrain mesh generation to separate thread
    • refactored terrain mesh creation
    • debugging FPS stutter on LOD transitions
    • REST formatting and optimization

    Date: Fri May 13 23:34:06 2016 +1200

    • performance optimization
    • dynamic terrain loading system on UE4 dedicated server
    • added more armor pieces: leather gloves, leather pants, leather shoulderpads
    • database tuning for large number of planets
    • rebuilt indexes

    Date: Thu May 12 16:03:42 2016 +1200

    • refactored player position handling
    • memory optimization
    • added new armor: heavy pants, 2x heavy shoulderpads, leather boots, leather chest

    Date: Wed May 11 21:55:43 2016 +1200

    • fixed invalid player rocation because of slight delay in replication
    • Removed ClothingInventory from from root set
    • added cleanup before rebuild
    • removed linux compilation warning
    • changed login initiation sequence to accomodate for new way of handling terrain

    Date: Tue May 10 23:48:39 2016 +1200

    • player location and equipment database handling
    • fixed main male skin material
    • added shoulderpads skin mask
    • consolidated LOD query execution to reduce latency
    • added shoulderpads wearable slot and category
    • cache manager changes

    Date: Mon May 9 21:11:22 2016 +1200

    • reindexed all blueprints
    • armor changes - heavy armor, chest
    • added new armor: cloth robe, cloth helmet, heavy chest, heavy gloves, heavy helmet
    • hide blue character arrow in editor
    • local terrain LOD cache manager

    Date: Sun May 8 12:34:17 2016 +1200

    • rebuilt new version of the game
    • adjusted starting position to assist with debugging
    • new armor tweaks and adjustments

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