A small question for the character creation.

  • I know , that's a small question. But I don't saw it in the videos.
    So would it be possible , to add some demons horns and wings to the character creation?^^

  • Great question to discuss about, you are right videos doesn't show if it would be possible. About horns I suppose it should be any problem to develop, but wings, well.. that could be quite tricky. Defining the movement, making it smooth... well I don't think it should be any problem to implement, here you will see that this developer team can do amazing things in a short time.

    I still remember a kind of Diagon Alley picture posted by @Aztar and it was amazing! Just keep in touch, your question will be clearly answered soon, you'll see (^_^)

  • Very cool.
    I am very excited.

    Thank's for the reply. :)

  • Traverse Team

    Very true about horns -- they'll be easy to add; one? two? three? more than that? Only coming out from the forehead?

    Wings need a bit more sorting out, how do they clip through armor, how do they animate or move as character moves.

    Perhaps wings won't be part of character, but part of equipment. There could be a special version of Jet Pack that is actually wings..?

  • I made a little sketch.
    I do not know how it will look in the game, but I think something like this would be nice.

    I understand, it's a little difficult whit wings. But I think the Jet Pack idea sounds really nice.

  • Traverse Team

    @Violetta Thanks for the sketch, I think it won't be a big challenge to add. It would also be a nice add on for people to make some interesting races.

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