The Creation Key - Draecal Against Azu'r

  • It didn't happened a long time ago but no recently, it just enough time to not to remember when all of this started. But I remember why and I remember where. I also remember that began in winter, and how I remember it? well, I lost too many soldiers, friends, just because the cold, the just got blizzared until the end of the times; everyone thinks that Adamite is the strongest mineral, that is because they didn't try to stop the ice of the winter freezing all your body.

    After many years, searching, we finnaly found where the Creation Key was, the Creation Key is our most sacred and powerfool weapon, it was used by Ancients to create our world and can destroy it also as easy as can create it, but it dissapear on time and noboy knew how and why until now. Azu'r! I still can listen to that name without getting angry, how much I hate him, well, the same for him about me I suppose. He stole the Creation Key and custodied it for all this years.

    Even now that we recovered it, we still not know what was the reason so he stole it, all that we know is that for some reason he hates it but is not able to destroy it. So there we are, at the bottom of Illisth' ar that dammned vulcan has the power to burn half a planet in one hour, but inside there are many caves and in his core is the Azu'r Lair, we knew that it wouldn't be easy but we didn't expect such a damn army between us and our destination.

    Do you know how many races lives in our planet? well, don't worry we know exactly how much are, because we fought each one of them iniside Illisth'ar we were an army of at least one hundred expert soldiers but by when we arrive to Azu'r Lair we were just a hundred or less. I won't say that was easy, have you ever fought a dragon? inside a dark cave? a black dragon? well I nearly lost half of my body because of the fire and the other half... full of dragon scratches, but at the end, look there... The Creation Key and about Azu'r well... he will try to recover it but this time we fight at home and have something that he fears.

  • Traverse Team

    What does he fear Draecal? Amazing stuff, keep it up!

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