Arcane files - Tome I: Concerning the Ancients

  • Location: Arcane files, Alleno'r, Daëdrians Empire.
    Book: The World creation
    Tome: I

    Concerning the Ancients

    The story you are about to read about concerns the creation of our World and whose creators, believe it or not is your choice. Before everything were nothing, just an empty and hard World, filled by fearful forces, there were no mountains, no rivers, no forest, just a plain and hard World. But Ancients cames, and everything changed, they collected all the fearful forces and put them inside a staff, the Creation Key, and with such power they terraformed the world, created mountains, rivers, vulcans, and also us, all the races that lives in this World were created by the Ancients, even Orcs or Ellona'rs, they built our cities and they give us some rules to follow to live in peace with the World, because at the center of our world is the core of all that fearful and powerful forces that once were everywhere on the surface.

    That's the reason because we do not allow to build under the ground so far, the reason of the Dwarf Wars or the end of the Skyz's, nobody, no matter the race, should pass the limit that Ancients established. After all they created, Ancients dissapeared, never shown again but all of us are descendents of them, and there is a direct blood line to them, the Emperors Lineage, their blood is pure, they are the direct connection to the Ancients and only Ancient's blood can use the Creation Key.

    The last known Emperor is Draëcal Daëdrian, Ancients Descendant.

    It is written in the Sacred Gem that one day there will be a breach in the core and the Ancients Blood will be revealed once again

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