Weekly Update (May 21, 2016)

  • Traverse Team

    Hi guys,

    Another busy week for us, lots of work on the armor sets, and changes for the rocket landing. Currently investigating how to establish connection without reloading the level.

    We're finishing up this very long step in development, and going forward everything should be quite a bit easier and more exciting!

    Extract from the git commit history:

    Date: Sat May 21 21:28:50 2016 +1200

    • server re-connection on the fly experiments
    • fixed mouse handling on game start
    • removed old voxel terrain serialization code

    Date: Fri May 20 22:24:45 2016 +1200

    • reduced REST servlet logging
    • fixed race condition with load balancing
    • changes to terrain settings handling
    • worker thread load balancing implementation

    Date: Thu May 19 21:42:47 2016 +1200

    • fixed occasional terrain crash
    • added heavy armor set and icons, gloves, chest, shoulders, leggings, boots, helmet
    • fixed crash on equip

    Date: Wed May 18 22:45:49 2016 +1200

    • tidy up terrain controller and blueprint
    • fixed lod transition stutter
    • networking optimization for water simulation

    Date: Tue May 17 23:39:25 2016 +1200

    • fixing terrain lod FPS stutter
    • refactor water simulation to take advantage of the new data structure

    Date: Mon May 16 20:22:47 2016 +1200

    • updated multithreading queue system
    • added cloth armor set and icons, helmet, gloves, chest, boots, shoulders, leggings

    Date: Sun May 15 20:32:37 2016 +1200

    • terrain lod switching performance tuning
    • LOD mesh update after digging / terraforming

  • Nice update! about liquid elements, there is only water or will be also lava or maybe acid rain or termal waters..... (^_^)

  • Traverse Team

    We built two types of bodies of water -- ocean that surrounds all land mass, and small ponds that you can place wherever you want. It spills as it simulates as you've probably seen in the videos.

    We plan to have 3 such small bodies of water (internally called water, lava and mud) where players can cusomize surface color, underwater color and effects, movement speed, liquid viscosity, and effect on player. Eg owner of the planet chooses if underwater breathing has timer and how much damage it does. They also choose type of damage it causes. So a 'red slow moving water that causes 100pt of fire damage every tick' becomes lava, 'brown slow moving water that doesn't cause damage but has huge swim-speed penalty' becomes mud.

    You choose colors, effects, and damage types, so you can have up to 3 different types of liquids across your planets, in addition to ocean.

    Another thing that we plan to add is constantly moving version of liquid bodies, so you can create waterfalls and rivers, but we'll look at implementation later after some of the more 'core' game play elements. Particles and sounds as player takes damage is another little aspect that will need looking into as well.

  • @Xulture Great news for me and my planet plans, Thanks for the quickly answer (^_^)

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